3 in 1 Cat Steamy Brush

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Up to 10x more effective than normal brushes
Gentle on skin, pain-free
Gives hair a silky sheen
Prevents skin issues
Ultra-simple, one-button operation
Color: Yellow
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Steam brush for cats

Want to give your four-legged friend a luxurious and comforting grooming experience? Look no further! Our steam brush for cats is designed to make grooming not only effective but also enjoyable for your beloved pet.

No more tangles or matted hair

Thanks to the technology of our innovative steam brush, with its gentle, warm steam, your pet's hair is enveloped in a cloud of soothing heat. This penetrating heat relaxes every fibre of the coat, making it supple and malleable. As a result, detangling becomes child's play, without any risk of tugging or pain for your faithful companion. With our steam brush, grooming becomes a luxurious and comforting experience for your pet, providing total well-being and invaluable peace of mind.

Stress-free grooming

Each grooming session becomes a real moment of relaxation for your faithful companion. No more crying or fussing! The gentle heat emitted by our brush envelops your pet in a feeling of well-being and security. Your pet will feel pampered and loved, ready to take full advantage of this unique and comforting grooming experience.



A soothing grooming experience

My cat loves being brushed with this steam brush. The gentle heat and soothing sensation of the steam calms her instantly. What's more, her coat has become much shinier and silkier since we started using this brush. I highly recommend it!


A relief for grooming sessions!

This steam brush has really revolutionised grooming sessions with my cat. No more fighting to untangle tangles! The gentle steam makes the process so much easier and more enjoyable for my feline. I couldn't do without it!


The joy of grooming for my cat

With this steam brush, grooming my cat has become a real bonding experience. He can be brushed without flinching, and his coat is more beautiful than ever. It's an investment I have absolutely no regrets about!


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